Pipkin Family Association

Jesse Pipkin

Chowan & Lenoir County, NC

Biography (1)

Biography (2)

Newsletter 1972

Map of Jesse's lands - early Duplin County Land Grant maps show other Pipkins located just across the Duplin County line, likely his own family members

Pay Voucher for Military Service, 7 Apr 1781, Newbern Dist, Dobbs County, NC

Pay Voucher for Military Service, 25 Apr 1781, Wayne County, NC

Pay Voucher for Military Service, 28 Dec 1781, Newbern Dist, Wayne County, NC

Pay Voucher for Military Service, 2 Apr 1782, Wayne County, NC

One More Opinion

Dobbs County, NC Tax List, 1769

Pipkin Land Grants & Deeds

Elisha Pipkin Newsletter

Archelus Pipkin Biography

Archelus Pipkin Groupsheets

Lewis Pipkin, Administrator to Elisha Pipkin Estate, 1826

Willis Pipkin Marriage to Winnifred Davis, 1837

James M. Hines, Guardian of Jesse, Willis & Julia Pipkin, 1839

Isaac Pipkin Bible, Marlboro Co, SC

Isaac Pipkin Estate, 1857, Marlboro Co, SC

Isaac Pipkin Descendancy Chart

Jacob Herring, Administrator of Elisha Pipkin Estate, 1826

Willis Pipkin vs William Robinson, 1855

P.D. Gold marriage to Julia E. Pipkin, 1863

P.D. & Julia Pipkin Gold Family Bible Records

Elisha Pipkin Estate, 1824-25

Elisha Pipkin Estate, 1826

Petition for Partition of Lands of Elisha Pipkin, 1825

Lewis Pipkin Et Al, 1853

Louis Pipkin v. Archelaus Pipkin Et Al, 1855

Patience Pipkin to John W. Pipkin, 1859

John Brantly Family Bible

Isaac Smith Williams Family Bible

Elisha Pipkin Record

Elisha Pipkin Record

Ellwood Morris & Lewis Pipkin, Agreement, 1859

A.S. & E.J. Pipkin to J.W. Pipkin, Power of Attorney, 1861

William B. Surles v. Lewis Pipkin, 1873

J.W. Pipkin v. W.D. Adams Et Al, 1894

Hepsibah A. Brantly Will, 1896

Lewis Pipkin - Deceased, 1897

Extended Family in SC

Stewart Pipkin Military

James Lewis Pipkin

Steward & Miriam Pipkin Family Cemetery

Daniel Pipkin Will of 1824

Lucretia Pipkin Herring, 1805-1880

Lucretia Pipkin

Mattie West Pipkin

Jane Hodges Pipkin

Winnifred Turner Pipkin

Elizabeth (Bess) Davis Pipkin Record

Davis-Pipkin Record

Rachel Williams Pipkin

Samuel Davis Pipkin Groupsheets

Aseneath Pipkin Groupsheets

Lewis & Clemency Hughes Pipkin

Daniel Pipkin Will, Horry Co, SC, 1824

Charles Pipkin Descendancy Chart

James W. & Henrietta Davis Pipkin, 1876

Daniel Moroni "Red" Pipkin

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