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John Pipkin Land Grant, 19 Oct 1762

Secretary of State Land Grant Office
Warrants, Plats, etc. - Dobbs County

No. 75
His Excellency Arthur Dobbs, Esq; Captain-General, Governor, and Commander in Chief, in and over the said Province.

To the Surveyor-General, Greeting,

You are forthwith to admeasure and lay out, or cause to be admeasured and laid out, unto John Pipkin a Plantation, containing Two Hundred Acres of Land, in the County of Dobbs On the South Side of Neuse River on Falling Creek Joining Joseph Pipkins and Thomas Bizells Lines.

Observing his Majesty's Instructions for running out Lands; Two just and fair Plans whereof, with a proper Certificate annexed to each, you are to return into the Secretary's Office, within Twelve Months from the Date hereof: And if the Warrantee shall not within Eighteen Months from the Date hereof, take out a Patant for the said Land, this Warrant, and all Proceedings thereon, shall be void and of no Force; and the said Land shall be deemed vacant and free to be taken up by any other Person.

Given at Wilmington under my Hand, the 19 Day of October Anno Dom 1762.
Arthur Dobbs
John Anesum

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