Pipkin Family Association

Isaac D. Pipkin & Nazarine Standard Marriage, 1829

State of Illinois
County of Marion

The People of the State of Illinois to any regular Minister of the Gospel authorized to solemnize the rights of Matrimony by the Church or Society to which he belongs, any Justice of the Peace, Justice of the Supreme Court or Judge of any inferior Court Greeting.

Know ye that License and permission is hereby granted you to join together in the State of Holy Matrimony according to the rights and ceremonies of the profession to which you belong and the laws and wages of this State Isaac D. Pipkin and Nazarene Standard and in so doing this shall be your sufficient notice? and makes your return of the solemnization as the law directs.

Witness Winstead Davie Clerk of the County Commissioners Court who has hereto set his hand and affixed the Judicial Seal and said Court hereto at office in Jonesboro this 9th July 1829.

Winstead Davis Clerk

State of Illinois
Union County

I certify the within solemnizatiing of Matrimony was performed in joining the within named Isaac D. Pipkin & Nazarine Standard together according to law in presents of Thomas Standard & others. July the 12th 1829
John ?? JP

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