Pipkin Family Association

John Pipkin Jr. d abt 1782
Wayne County, NC

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Newsletter 1964

Newsletter 1970

Newsletter 1980

Newsletter 1992

Land Grant, 1719/1720

Deed to Charles Gaffin, 1730

John Pipkin Senr Deed to Jno Pipkin Junr, 1732

Deed to Joseph Braddy, 1739

Deed to Moses Hare, 1740

Quit Rent, 1750

Deed to John Lewis, 1753

Land Grant, 1762 - 'joining Joseph Pipkin's line'

Land Grant, 1762

Dobbs, Duplin, Lenoir Wayne County, NC Deeds

Dobbs County, NC Tax List, 1769

Pipkins in Wayne County, NC Court

Luke Pipkin Land Grant, 1764

Newsletter 1988

Charles Hines Will, 1773

Arthur Pipkin Land Grant, 1775

Arthur & Jesse Pipkin Land Entry, 1778

Arthur Pipkin Land Grant, 1779

Robert Peele to Luke Pipkin, 1780

Jesse Pipkin Pay Voucher for Military Service, 25 Apr 1781, Wayne County, NC

Jesse Pipkin Pay Voucher for Military Service, 28 Dec 1781, Newbern Dist, Wayne County, NC

Jesse Pipkin Pay Voucher for Military Service, 2 Apr 1782, Wayne County, NC

Luke Pipkin Deposition for son William, 1789

Luke & Hannah Pipkin to Charles Hines, 1794

Luke Pipkin to William Beck, 1796

Luke Pipkin to Elijah Carraway, 1797

Jesse Pipkin Estate, 1807

Isaac D. Pipkin & Nazarine Standard Marriage, 1829

Jonas Swingler Pipkin

Williamson County, TN Deed Books C, D & E, 1811-1820, Volume II by Louise Gillespie Lynch
22 Oct 1816 - John Stevens from John Ricord, for $918, a tract of land on Hays Creek, a branch of Big Harpeth, being part of a tract granted to Robert Smith by N.C and bounded by said Record (sic) and Freeman Walker containing 102 acres. Wit. Michael Kinnard and Mark Pipkin. Reg. 5 Mar 1817.

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