Pipkin Family Association

Joseph Pipkin Land Grant, 22 Oct 1762

Secretary of State Land Grant Office
Warrants, Plats, etc. - Dobbs County

No. 133
County - Dobbs
Name - Joseph Pipkin
Acres - 300
Grant No. - [blank]
Issued - 22 Oct 1762
Warrant No. - [blank]
Entry No. - [blank]
Entered - 9 Aug 1762
Book No. - 13
Page No. - 354
Location - No. side of upper prong of falling creek

NC Archives
North Carolina
Surveyed the above plan for Mr. Joseph Pipkin in Dobbs County Bounded (Viz) Begin at a Red Oake on the North side of the upper prong of Falling Creek near his own Line thence runing So 20 Wt 108 pole to a stake nigh Bizels line thence So 69 Wt 120 pole to a Water Oake nigh Lewis Bryants Line thence So 16 Wt 32 Po to Bryants Line thence No 86 Wt 10 pole to his Co'r tree thence No 75 Wt 194 pole along Woods Line to a Red Oake near his own Co'r tree thence No 3 Et 150 pole to a pine thence So 86 Et 62 pole to his old Co'r tree Then along his old line to the first Station Surveyed August the 9th 1762
John Shepard DS
William Mahon } Chair Bearers
Luke Pipkin }

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