Pipkin Family Association

Joseph Pipkin Land Grant, 22 Apr 1763

Secretary of State Land Grant Office
Warrants, Plats, etc. - Dobbs County

No. 276
County - Dobbs
Name - Joseph Pipkin
Acres - 200
Grant No. - 173 Issued - 22 Apr 1763
Warrant No. - [blank]
Entry No. - [blank]
Entered - 27 Dec 1762
Book No. - 15
Page No. - 493
Location - On the South side of the upper Prong of Falling Creek

No Carolina December 27th 1762
Surveyed for Mr. Joseph Pipkin the above Plan in Dobbs County Lying on the west side of the upper prong of Falling Creek begining at a pine in Aron Woods line thence runing along the same So 78 Et 220 pole to a White Oak near William Craffords line thence So 14 Wt 140 pole to a pine thence No 78 Wt 240 pole to a Small Gum Then with a right line to the first Station Including two hundred acres of land.
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