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Joseph Pipkin Land Grant, 29 Apr 1768
Contributed by K. Mitchell

Secretary of State Land Grant Office
Warrants, Plats, etc. - Dobbs County

No. 951
County Dobbs
Name Pipkin, Joseph
Acres 200
Grant 336
Issued Apr 29 1768
Entered 5th February 1768
Book No. 23 Page No. 248
Location On the South Side of the main on Great Swamp of Falling Creek

February the 5th 1768

Survey for Joseph Pipkin Two hundred Acres of Land in the County of Dobbs on the South side of the Great on main Swamp of Falling Creek, Begining at a small White Oak near Wm Crawfords corner Black Oak on the line of a tract of land Granted by Patent unto Arthur Fort which is now owned by said Crawford, John Pipkin and Luke Pipkin, Thence running along said Crawfords Line along his new Survey S25&180 Poles to a Lightwood Stake near his corner/Pine Thence S65&180/Poles to a Pine by a Pond, Thence N25&180 Poles to a Stake in John Pipkin and Luke Pipkins line of the land first mentioned which was Granted by Patent to Arthur Fort Thence along the said Line N65&180/Poles to the first station.
John Shepard.

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