Pipkin Family Association

Woodey Belcher to John Pipkin, 1779

Pitt County, NC Regiser of Deeds

State of North Carolina Pitt County

Know all men by these presents that Woodey Belcher of Dobbs County and province of No. Carolina Planter for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds current money to me in hand paid before the sinning & delivery of these presents by Jno. Pipkin of the county of Pitt and province of North Carolina the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge myself therewith fully satisfied have bargained assigned & set over and by these presents do bargain and sell alien convey and confirm unto the sd Jno. Pipkin his heirs & assigns a sartain piece or parcel of land containing five ackres more or less it being part of a track of land that was granted to Luke White by the Lords deed baring date in the year one thousand seen hundred & sixty. To have and to hold the said track of land together with all woods and waters, houses, orchards, gardins, timbers & timber trees thereon lying and being and growing and all appertances thereon belonging or in any ways appertaining unto the sd Jno. Pipkin his heirs, exectírs, admír and assigns. I the said Woody Belcher binds and obliges myself my heirs extrís and administrators do warrant and defend the aforesíd track of land and premises with the appertances free and clear from all incumbrances unto him the sd Jno. Pipkin his heirs executors administrators and assigns forever. In witness my hand whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the twenty sixth day of July in the year 1779.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Daniel Pipkins and William Mathes

January Court 1780
Order for Registration

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