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Elias Bergeron to John Pipkin, 1788

Pitt County, NC Register of Deeds, Book M page 99

To Whom these presents shall come Greeting Know ye that I Elias Bergeron of the State of North Carolina and county of Dobbs for the good will that I bear unto John Pipkin and his advancement in the world and for the securing of a certain piece of land ware on he the said John Pipkin now lives on that formerly was given by my brother John Bergeron unto his father Daniel Pipkin and as the deed seems to be lost and now record to be found I therefore do give grant and make over unto him the said John Pipkin unto him his heirs Exírs Admírs or assigns for ever a sertain peace of land whereon he the said John Pipkin now lives on with all improvements therein unto belonging or any wise appertaining with all woods and underwood to him and his heirs forever the said land lying and being in the county of Pitt and in the fork of Little Contentney.

Beginning at a Spanish oak and on the Cr. Runs No 178 to a blak oak thence west 178 to a Spanish oak thence So to the swamp and from thence to the first station for the complement of one hundred acres be the same more or less which said land I do for ever warrant unto him the said John Pipkin to him his heirs Exírs administrators or assigns for ever that is against me my heirs Exírs admírs or any other persons whatsoever claiming from me or under me in Witness whereof unto I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this 12th day Feby 1788

Signed sealed in presence of Titus Carr and Abi (his x mark) Bergeron

July Court 1788
Ordered to be registered

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