Pipkin Family Association

Vestee Pipkin Dower, 1796

Pitt County, NC Register of Deeds, Book O page 279

North Carolina Pitt County

In presuont to an order of Pitt January Term 1796. We the Jurors met this 15 of February on the premises and have layed off an set apart the dower of Vestee Pipkin widow of Lewis Pipkin dec’d with the sheriff and surveyor as the above plan represents. Beginning at a willow on the run of the Spring branch running east 33 pole to a stake in the field thence south 5 degrees east 10 pole to another in the field thence east 47 pole to a stake in the field thence north 16 west 112 pole to a hickory thence north 60 west 121 pole to a pine John Moye corner on the Bear Marsh thence said Marsh Spring branch to the beginning.

Rich’d Moye, Joel Moye, John Newman, Moses Tison, Benjamin Nichols, Jas. Moye, Shadrack Moore, Parker Lacey, Abrim Joyner, Jesse Donen Sen’r, Jesse Donnen Jr., Jeremiah Meglalon. Jesse Moye Surveyor.

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